adam kills me (daylight_comes) wrote,
adam kills me

wet gym socks and seamen

mushrooms are better taken fresh

you could tell they shone once, a brilliant purplish hue, but know glowed a dull grey. delicate looking alien caps seemed to peer eyelessly (telepathically?) from behind the thin, transparent walls of its ziplock prison. i grabbed a nearby pen, some thing to crush and grind with. but this delicate fungus refused to change its physical shape and form, resilient to my insistent banging. eventually the bag began to rip and bits off powder leaked out all over the coffee table. i slipped the chunky bits into a cup of warm tea.

we walked to the park.
the world was new, as if a global painting crew had just slipped through before the rain had come falling.
their handmade "wet paint" signs nowhere to be seen.

trees spoke.
welcomed our gaggle of monkeys.
willow wisps appearing and disappearing into the thin mist.
groups of bats fluttered to and fro.

whataburger welcomes.
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