adam kills me (daylight_comes) wrote,
adam kills me

old hat, blue and red

it's cold, but during summer.
frosty noises,
cool wind,
lazy suspension,
week, one whole week,
foolish behavior's consequence,
brain waves, blue color departure and a red approach, like stars in space.
suspension, cleared schedule with no room for creativity.
watching movies older than me, younger than I, that shatters some youthful security one has in the past.
weren't these films good at one point?
what was spoiled in the time between viewings?
taste, maybe, but I consider my tastes to be less than adequate.
no no no.
the waves started to blue.
consciousness descending to a tasteless plain of being.
not thathathah matters.
can't even bring myself to read. not right now.
can barely breath regularly, much less think straight.
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